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The World's Most Advanced Ecosystem for Bruxism Management
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byteSense™ helps you see what factors affect your bruxism with personalized insights so you can optimize your lifestyle, health, activity, and sleep.

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Gain insight through personalized data

byteSense provides feedback on how your lifestyle choices impact your bruxism over time through biosensors with our smart wearable night guard.

How It Works

Improve your Life

Your bruxism is affected by your lifestyle choices, stress/anxiety, sleep hygiene, diet, and much more. 
byteSense helps you optimize it all so you help keep your bruxism under control while living a healthier life.

Truly an Engineering Breakthrough

byteSense features the world's first comfortable smart mouthguard to help you more accurately track teeth grinding and optimize your health

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Wireless Charging

Charge your mouthguard wirelessly in 30 min or less*!

State of the Art Materials

​We utilize the best FDA Cleared materials in our guards to bring you the best money can buy

Comfortable form factor 2 years in the making.

Most Comfortable Smart MouthGuard

Research Grade Sensors

Monitor your teeth grinding, sleep quality and more

First a score, then guidance
2 daily scores to guide you.

The Teeth Grinding Score & Sleep Readiness score work together to help you reduce the likelihood of a bad night of grinding.


We Monitor Your Teeth Grinding
Understanding your data helps you make better choices to help reduce teeth grinding

byteSense Smart Night Guard tracks your teeth grinding intensity and tossing/turning detection with our new state-of-the-art pressure sensors and teeth grind detection algorithm. With this unprecedented data, you will understand the impact it has on your sleep. The data collected works in harmony with our teeth grinding management features to create a first-of-its-kind teeth grinding management platform tailored to your personal needs.

Sleeping Together
Discover the benefits of tracking teeth grinding

See daily trends

See how your bruxism is progressing over time

Create a plan

Use the data to create a personalized, AI-powered bruxism management plan

Find the root cause

Use your data to guide you to what is really causing you to grind

Let a Professional Help 

Allow a professional to remotely see your data to give you better insights

Monitor Bruxism
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We Help Manage Stress

Research indicates that stress leads to more grinding*

So you can stop grinding*

byteSense Smart Night Guard uses your data to learn which exercises work best for you and provide stress management tools so you can reduce your likelihood of grinding.

*Chemelo, Victória Dos Santos et al. “Is There Association Between Stress and Bruxism? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.” Frontiers in neurology vol. 11 590779. 7 Dec. 2020, doi:10.3389/fneur.2020.590779

*Ahlberg, Jari et al. “Self-reported bruxism mirrors anxiety and stress in adults.” Medicina oral, patologia oral y cirugia bucal vol. 18,1 e7-11. 1 Jan. 2013, doi:10.4317/medoral.18232

Stress Management

We created guided wellness sessions & educational content below, backed by science experts, to help you reduce the likelihood of intense grinding

byteSense EDU

How does caffeine or working too much overtime affect your grinding? Learn how daily choices and habits impact your teeth grinding and overall health with science backed content produced by world renowned experts in their respective fields

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Guided Sessions

A curated library to help you understand how to interpret your body's signals and take action Produced alongside world-class instructors and our partners, byteSense content library  includes guided meditation, wellness exercises, CBT therapy, etc that have all been proven to help reduce stress, so that you can help reduce your chances of grinding

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Feedback Over Time

The byteSense Smart Night Guard will track how your grinding habits respond to the guided exercises and recommend a stress management routine that works best for you.

Discover the benefits of Stress Management

Integrate a Professional

Share your stress management activity and data with a professional and they can recommend activities to you.

Unique to You

Follow a stress management program specially tailored to reduce your grinding by our AI platform using your biometric data.

See your Progress

Track your daily and weekly Stress Management progress to see how closely you’re sticking to your goals and how your choices are affecting your grinding.

Improve your Mental Health

By doing regular mental health services offered by us, and tracking your responses over time, you can build a mindfulness practice and improve your mental well-being.

Daily Lifestyle Tracker
We Track Your Daily Lifestyle

So we can help you make better choices to reduce your grinding habits

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Over time, byteSense learns about your personal daily lifestyle choices that affect your likelihood of nighttime teeth-grinding. Take a vacation. Cut back on coffee and alcohol*. Go on a morning jog**. All of these choices and many more may help you grind less*. We use your daily lifestyle choices and nightly grinding data to pinpoint the source of your grinding and provide guidance on how to alleviate your grinding habits at night.

*Bertazzo-Silveira E, Kruger CM, Porto De Toledo I, et al. Association between sleep bruxism and alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, and drug abuse: A systematic review. J Am Dent Assoc. 2016;147(11):859-866.e4. doi:10.1016/j.adaj.2016.06.014

**Childs, E., & de Wit, H. (2014). Regular exercise is associated with emotional resilience to acute stress in healthy adults. In Frontiers in Physiology (Vol. 5). Frontiers Media SA.

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Detection Over Time

Let the byteSense Smart Night Guard know your daily lifestyle choices and over time it will learn what is causing your episodes and what activities/lifestyle choices affect your teeth grinding habits. It then uses your data to automatically recommends daily choices and activities to help you reduce your chances of grinding

Discover the benefits of Daily Lifestyle Tracker

Know your limits

Find out what your substance intake limits are based on your personal grinding habits.

Unique to You

Follow lifestyle goals specially tailored to reduce your grinding by our AI platform using your biometric data.

See Your Progress

Track your daily and weekly Lifestyle progress to see how closely you’re sticking to your goals and how your choices are affecting your grinding.

Stay Motivated

Weekly and daily notifications and celebrations keep you going

Sleep Analysis
We Track Your Sleep Quality

byteSense factors in your teeth grinding data, and accurate tossing/turning data in aggregate with your other wearable data to determine your quality of sleep*. byteSense learns about your sleep and based on your sleep trends, and goes further to help you take concrete steps through personalized guidance on how to help you reduce the probability of grinding in order to improve your sleep quality

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*Yap, AdrianU. J., & Chua, A. (2016). Sleep bruxism: Current knowledge and contemporary management. In Journal of Conservative Dentistry (Vol. 19, Issue 5, p. 383). Medknow.

Discover the benefits of Sleep Analysis

Get Nightly Insights

Track nightly sleep habits and trends over time.

Sleep In Peace

Ease into your sleep knowing that you did your best to control your grinding for the day

Get Better Sleep

Our services will help you reduce sleep disturbances related to grinding

Create Better Habits 

We give you tips and recommendations to help improve your sleep quality

We Can Connect You To Professionals
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Concerned with your ever-increasing grinding habit? Nothing you try seems to be working? No problem! Use your data in conjunction with professional treatment to potentially identify the root cause of your grinding and create personalized goals to reduce your grinding.

Professional Help
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We Help You Live A Little Better, Every Day

Dr. Hendrik Lai, DDS, MBA

"byteSense is the most forward looking company to come into the bruxism space, I'd argue, in decades"

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