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Future of Bruxism Management

World's Most Advanced Detection & Management for Bruxism
Gain insight through personalized data

byteSense™ helps you see what factors affect your bruxism with personalized insights so you can optimize your lifestyle, mental health, activity, and sleep.

How It Works

byteSense features the world's most comfortable smart night guard to help you more accurately track teeth grinding and optimize your health

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Wireless Charging

Charge your mouthguard wirelessly in 30 min or less*!

State of the Art Materials

​We utilize the best FDA Cleared materials in our guards to bring you the best money can buy

Comfortable form factor 2 years in the making.

Most Comfortable Smart MouthGuard

Truly an Engineering Breakthrough

Research Grade Sensors

Monitor your teeth grinding, sleep quality and more

Learn about your bruxism & overall health through personalized data



Your Smart Night Guard is a comfortable wearable device you wear at night to protect your teeth



The byteSense app studies your data to suggest changes to manage your bruxism and improve your health.



With your bruxism data and in-app insights, you’ll soon understand how your lifestyle choices affects your bruxism.


Improve your Life

Your bruxism is affected by your lifestyle choices, stress/anxiety, sleep hygiene, diet, and much more. 

byteSense helps you manage it all so you can keep your bruxism under control and live a healthier life.

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Lifestyle Choices

Over time, byteSense learns about your personal daily lifestyle choices that affect your likelihood of nighttime teeth-grinding.

Stress & Anxiety

byteSense Smart Night Guard uses your data to learn which exercises work best for you and provide stress management tools so you can reduce your likelihood of grinding.

Sleep Quality

byteSense factors in your teeth grinding data, accurate tossing/turning data, ambient light in your room, and noise in aggregate with your other wearable data to determine your quality of sleep.

Then based on your sleep trends, goes further to help you take concrete steps through personalized guidance on how to help you reduce the probability of grinding in order to improve your sleep quality

Monitor Bruxism
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